2022: The Power of History

27. september 2023
The contemporary social, political and economic landscape is rapidly changing. Different narratives and variations of universal stories navigate through a moving map. What stories do we tell? Who tells them? How and why are they told?
The story of our history shapes our understanding of the past, the present and the future. History creates our identity. If the truth of the narrative lies in the hand of the beholder; what happens when the claim to the narrative shifts? History no longer repeats itself and the narratives changes. What happens when the stories we tell are subject to critical questions from different context, various reflections, perceptions and encounters?

Say You’ll Be There by Runa Borch Skolseg.

Over by Mari Hesjedal.

Lucena. Obedience training by Zouka Theatre Company.

Roundabout A Standstill: or A Broken Report of Multitude of Peer Gynt’s Findings by Teater Garasi.

What next by Hanne Ramsdal.

Sluk/drain by Master students, Khio.

Hypothermia by Rawdna Carita Eira.

The Rave Empire by Zoukak Theatre Company.