Roundabout A Standstill: or A Broken Report of Multitude of Peer Gynt’s Findings

A Collective-Lecture Performance 

We began our journey, producing an inter-Asian project, the Multitude of Peer Gynts, by asking these questions: What does it mean to reflect on the state of our globality –its fear and anxiety, its mobility and immobility– and how? Who should think of the worlding –the world that is always in the making, connecting, becoming? Can we really picture the world and why? 

At the end of our journey, we should ask: what does it mean to build a performance work –a collective of modular works that span from 2019-to 2021– that deals with these questions? What do we really learn from our series of works? Do these work help shape «us» – – the border crossing multitude, the collective drifter– in any meaningful ways? 

Indeed, between the beginning and the end, we were forced to question: what is the meaning of thinking about fear and anxiety, mobility and immobility, when the world was forced to a standstill? 

Reflecting precariously on our embodied experiences and the archive of our works, this collective performance lecture work is an attempt to think of our present time and continue imagining a sense of a worlding and a common future.

A presentation of Ibsen Scope Grant winning project Mulitude of Peer Gynts.


Teater Garasi/Garasi Performance Institute
Teater Garasi is a multi-disciplinary performance collective, based in Yogyakarta-Indonesia, that explores and devises many possibilities in performing arts creation as part of an attempt to read, unveil, and understand changes happening in our ever transforming-world.