Sluk/Drain is a collective exploration of various states of togetherness.

Departing from the thesis of universal relevance in the individually oriented liberation projects of Henrik Ibsens female characters; this ensemble of eight women explores power – through the (hand knitted) patterns of history and biology. Along side the unavoidability of oscillations in states of being. Whilst asking; what can actually support an individual in phases of personal transition? And what are the power-sources feeding biology, communities, history and processes of emancipation?

Proposed praxises:
– Let the sunshine, into dark places.
– Rub and give care to hard structures.
– Move your heart over your head.
– Seek unity.
– Laugh and cry.
– Sing loudly.
– Dance and breathe.
– Hold on, let go.

Artistic team
Anette Waller, Eyrun Müller, Lena Sendstad, Lydia Hann, Maiken Rye, Martha Rasmussen Lubiana, Tuva Hennum, Victoria Sophie Gulliksen, Ylva Leistad og Adrian Pontier.