2019: Individuality – what the fuck!

21. april 2022
The 2019 edition of Ibsen Awards Festival investigate the complex patterns of identity constructions and re-constructions that challenges our views on history, current values and ideas of progress. The ongoing process is fueled by the justification of unrest, migration on multiple levels, religious re-orientations and ideas of believes at stake. Non-national challenges and conflicts threatens the old order. What kind of collectives do we find ourselves part of? How do we as individuals navigate in a time that re-questions key values and stir a growing fear? Who are we? How do we identify ourselves and how do others identify us?

Chorous Skiensianna. Opening performance with all invited artists

Ghosts by Mikkel Bygge, Norway
In collaboration with Dramatikkens hus and Ibsen Awards

Inimigos na Casa de Bonecas by Projecto Gompa, Brazil

Ghosts by Siri Broch Johansen, Norway
In collaboration with Dramatikkens hus and Ibsen Awards

Spriten by MA in Performance students from Norwegian Theatre Academy (NTA) in Fredrikstad, Norway.
In collaboration with Spriten Kunsthall and Ibsen Awards

Day II

Ghosts by Janne-Camilla Lyster
In collaboration with Dramtikkens hus and Ibsen Awards

Work unknown by MA in Theatre at Khio, Norway

Europeana by Rafika Chawishe, Greece

I hate theatre. I love pornography by Zoukak Theatre Company, Lebanon