Ibsen Scholarship winner 2017.

Europeana premiered at the National Opera in Athens, Greece on September 26 this year.

At a kindergarten in the centre of a typical Western city, adults and teenagers from various communities meet with a super-hero. Out of this surrealistic meeting the outline of a dark paradise is created, in which teenagers are free to map a new age. Linked to Henrik Ibsen’s Little Eyolf, Europeana describes young people’s expectations to explore an “unmapped Eden”. An original work dedicated to the young generation.

For the Ibsen Awarda Festival, Europeana will be presented as a lecture performance together with students from Skien Videregående Skole:
Europeana is a community music theater play. It is composed by the osmosis and the human experience of 250 teenagers sharing how they imagine themselves in the future. Teenagers from Syria, Afganistan, Norway, Greece, England and Bulgaria are creating new social structures aiming for a radical change. Their voices will be raised loudly singing their dreams while creating on spot a day dreaming platform with the audience.