Work unknown

MA theatre is a collective of artists with backgrounds and experience from different disciplines within the performing arts, a group composed of writers, directors, scenographers, sound artists, light artists, video artists and performers. The collective is united by a curiosity in interdisciplinary work, and questions our encounter with performing arts today.

During the Ibsen Awards Festival the collective will present a work based on a non-hieratical work structure, with an interest in the theatre room as a space for research and unknown possibilities.

MA theatre consists of Mine Nilay Yalcin, Linda Gathu, Ingrid Liavaag, Kyrre Heldal Karlsen, Lea Basch, Natali Abrahamsen Garner, Ingri Enger Damon, Sara Baban, Sofie Frost, Lærke Grøntved and Jo Even Bjørke.