World premier in Shanghai

16. desember 2019
Sheng - a devised performance about marriage, family and being oneself.

@McaM Gallery in Shanghai.

What happens when an all-female, multicultural, millennial art collective from Shanghai picks up «A doll’s House» by Henrik Ibsen and «The Greatest Event in Life» by Hu Shi?
Are they putting together a fierce feminist manifesto to create a new ‘New Youth’? Are they about to toss feminism out altogether, and go back to be the Angel in The House? 140 years after Nora walked away and 100 years after the May 4th Movement, how far have we actually come? In this devised performance, four women set the «leftover» label on fire and take the audience for a ride through the land of marriage, family, singlehood, matchmaking and all-things-female. Are you ready for this? Are you?