Janashatru 5.0

10. oktober 2022
In Mangalore, Karnataka.
When Promises Shatter Ordinary Lives.

Thousands of acres of agricultural land in a prosperous village located in a catchment area is lost in thirst for «development».¬†With the tacit support of the State, an ultra modern factory appears – splitting the district into two parts, those who want it, those who don’t want it; those who need to give away their land, those who force them to give away their land. The factory gets what it wants and the village slowly slides towards destruction. Neither the State nor the Factory honour the promise, a job per house, made when getting the land. People are left with no option but to unite and fight for their rights. But it is not easy when the Government and the Capitalists join hands to curb this unity.

But still, a youth takes up to unite people to demand what they ought to get. But the journey is not easy.