Take part in a key stage of An Enemy of the People.

Theatre director Rebecca Manson Jones (UK) and her company Just Jones& was awarded one of the four international Ibsen Scholarships 2012 for their innovative approach to staging Ibsen's An Enemy of the People. You can take part in a key stage of their research and development!
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From 15th to 19th April 10:00 – 16:00.
Where: Norsk Skuespillersenter, Welhavensgate 1, Oslo, Norway.

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Price: NOK 900 ,- kr (NOK800,- for members of NSF)

About the workshop
Can Ibsen inspire modern theatre makers? How do you adapt Ibsen to a contemporary setting? What demands does a contemporary adaptation of Ibsen place on the actors? Join Rebecca Manson Jones for a week of experimenting, discovering and learning, as she shares from her long experience in British theatre, and delves deep into her new version of Ibsen’s Enemy of the people.

The workshop will involve some work with text, improvisation and devising around the characters and situation, exploration of the community chorus which inhabits the world of the play and experimenting with form to create alternative endings based on the outcome of an audience vote.

Feedback from previous workshop participants
«Working with Rebecca has enriched my process as an actor.»

«I think the main things I took away were: The strong sense of ensemble working – the cohesive and inclusive nature of discussion – and the strong emphasis on improvising around the text – using the script as a vaulting platform to discover character nuances.»