Rosmer’s Syndrome

Writer, Dramaturge and Director: Davoud Zare
Ibsen Scope Grant winner 2021

Democratic components like freedom of speech, civil rights, human rights, etc., are eliminated when a democracy-show can establish its own legitimacy through an electoral machinery and media manipulation of public opinion. All that remains is the continuity of the spectacle. “Because the oldest social specialization, the specialization of power, is at the root of the spectacle.”
In «Rosmer’s Syndrome,» we’ve attempted to historically contextualize Rosmersholm, and then a comparative study of «Rosmersholm» and «the society of the spectacle» (by Guy Dobord) revealed how ideological structures are able to absorb the radiation of ultra-capitalism and survive, and it is in this situation that John Rosmer is becoming an image (an object) that everyone seeks to exchange as a commodity for their benefit.
In this case, our psychological features could be limited just to social and external matters. That’s why we have to conform to the roles that society expects us to perform.
As a result of this objectification, we eventually become a part of the spectacle. We wouldn’t have an identity outside the spectacle.
In addition to sharing John Rosmer’s alienation, we would like to ask:
How can we resist becoming a part of the spectacle even though we already are?

Artistic Team:
Writer, Dramaturge and Director: Davoud Zare
Executive Producer: Noureddin Heidarimaher
Assistant Director: Karen Kavehnejad, Ehsan Abdifar
Time Manager & Script supervisor: Alma Yousefi
Technical Director: Aminreza Bagheri
Performers: Alireza Bagheri, Saeid Changizian, Asghar Piran, Iman Sayadborhani, Amin Sfandiar
Music: Pouya Ehsaei