La servante

By Mette Edvardsen
Light Bruno Pocheron
In collaboration with Dramatikkens Hus and Ibsen Scope.

La servante, also called a ghost light, is common in old theatres and still used today in some places. It’s an electric light, typically a light bulb on a high stand, that stays lit when the theatre is plunged into darkness. The ghost light is usually placed near the centre stage, and stays on while the theatre is closed. The practical use of a ghost light is for safety, to avoid accidents in the dark, but the light is also said to ward away bad spirits or to guide the ghosts that are believed to haunt the theatre. La servante is like a sentinel, an eerie outpost watching over the theatre, able to listen and perceive what is there.
For this work Mette Edvardsen is working with light designer Bruno Pocheron, and together they are trying to bring out the voice of the ghost light, to let the lamp speak and to hear what she has to say.