By Projeto Gompa, Brazil.
Ibse Scope Grant winner 2022.

In this montage, we see the essence of Brand, character from the homonymous work by Henrik Ibsen, brought to modern contexts in fragmented fashion, mixing theater, dance, music and visual arts. Brand is a relentless, obsessive leader, much like many extremist leaders today who dangerously influence crowds of human beings, frequently to devastating results. Based on that idea and pervaded by questions about the limits of our own humanity, we asked if our rationality is enough to distinguish us from animals, which are instinctive in their needs and leadership choices. INSTINTO is questioning the constant conflict between our ideals and our actions. It is the result of our concerns, of our desire to assimilate some phenomena of today’s world, to understand a little more about human beings, our instincts and our similarities with the primates.

Do you sympathize more with humans or animals? To what direction does your instincts and your choices conduct you?

In this Brazilian performance inspired by Ibsen’s Brand, we question the obsessive leaders, much like many extremists who dangerously influence crowds of human beings. But who put them in power? Are we more accurate than the monkeys in our leadership choices?  INSTINCT is a questioning about the conflict between our ideals and our actions.

Design: Camila Bauer and Liane Venturella
Direction: Camila Bauer
Cast: Alexsander Vidaleti, Fabiane Severo, Liane Venturella and Nelson Diniz
Sonography and Sound Operations: Alvaro RosaCosta
Soundtrack by Paola Kirst
Drama: Giuliano Zanchi, from Henrik Ibsen’s play Brand, and the cast’s dramatic collaboration
Choreographic Direction: Charlotte Albuquerque
Set and objects: Elcio Rossini
Video Creation: Elcio Rossini & Maurício Rossini
Lighting and Videography: Ricardo Vivian
Costumes: Daniel the Lion
Masks : Victor Lopez
Guest Teaser Alexsander Vidaleti, Elcio Rossini, Mailson Fantinel and Rafael Bricoli
Guests for the song «Cry of the Monkey»: Simone Rasslan (piano) and Beto Chedid (violin and roach)
Participation in Audio Fair (RO): Anderson Silva and Rinaldo Santos
Graphic Art: Jessica Barbosa
Shot photography: Vilmar Carvalho
Disclosure: Leo Sant’Ana
Social Media : Pedro Bertoldi
General Production: Project Gompa
Financing : Ibsen Scope
Special thanks: Hilde Guri Bohlin, Korina Vasileiadou, Leticia Vieira, Terpsi Sala and Cia IncomodeTe