By Lisa Lie
In collaboration with Dramatikkens Hus and Ibsen Scope.

Lie has created a storytelling song cycle based on the longing for and connection to certain landscapes, with their layers and layers of occupation and usage and the interim between these and the uninhabited or abandoned or untouched, and the eerie in-between spaces.

In the creation of this KVAD or song cycle, Lisa Lie will collaborate with Ole Johan Skjeldbred.

The song cycle is inspired by folk song traditions that carry very well outdoors like Lokk and Kauking, and was used to communicate over long distances, and is also a continuation of folk singing that are storytelling. These traditions are melting and mingling with the text and will be performed outdoors under the full moon by Lie and Skjeldbred.

Lisa Lie
Lisa Lie is a Norwegian director, actress, playwright and author. Lie studied acting at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, and directing at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, and she holds a PhD in artistic research from
 the National academy of the arts in Oslo. She was given the national Ibsen- award for Mare in 2020 and received the Hedda-award for Blue Motell in 2015. Her works has toured both nationally and internationally. Her works are inspired by folklore, history, folk magic, theatre history and the carnivalesque (and lots of other things, both historical and contemporary, and both the scientific and metaphysical) and aspire to create temporal threshold spaces. To create realities that are not reduced to representation or repetition of empty form, but are in its core – and remain – spaces that we live, in and through.