En toda alma hay una marca oscura/In every soul there is a black stain

Directed by Nico Espinoza Bastías, Chile.
Ibsen Scope Grant winner 2021

«And the words come out of my mouth as if they were waves riding towards the coast. But I’m not talking about the wave.»

«En toda alma hay una marca oscura/In every soul there is a black stain» is a choral, tectonic, frictional, cyclical work, like waves riding onto the shore. The leading characters, locals of a coastal town, tell us fragments of a catastrophe, speculative replicas showing how the forces of nature transform the town’s social and political projects led by their Mayor.

This work won the Ibsen Scope Grant 2021, and it’s the result of a stage-based investigation exploring the forces of non-human presences in the play The pillars of Society by Henrik Ibsen. What would happen if we stop seeing nature as a passive stage for human drama and recognize its capacity for action? Why do natural disasters turn into human catastrophes?

Director: Nico Espinoza Bastías
Playwright: Juan Pablo Troncoso
Producer: Coté Durán
Performers: Verónica Medel, Rafael Contreras, María Paz Grandjean
Stage and light design: Catalina Devia
Video design: Pablo Mois
Music composition: Federico Palma
Sound design: Daniel Marabolí
Production assistant: Lynda Mebtouche
Graphic design: Javier Pañella
Communications and press: Fogata Cultura
Photos: Daniel Corvillón and Nicolás Calderón