Are you still waiting for these persons to come?

They won’t come. They’re not there. They disappeared. Thirty, twenty, fifteen, ten, five years ago, or just a moment ago, somewhere in a village in the middle of a former or still-existing or disappearing country, there are various stories about how they vanished. They loved to travel to wolf dens. Do you know what a wolf den is? Do you know what werewolves are? These are those places, which are in the middle of nowhere, which are unknown to us, which we are afraid of, which are so far away that somehow you think, whatever, they are not close. The Ibsen Scope Alumni community invites you to a vanishing event where your presence will be valued while waiting for those who will not come.

By Camila Bauer, Brazil, Andrej Nosov, Serbia, Kai Johsen, Norway, Omar Abi Azar, Lebanon, Sankar Venkateswaran, India and Hilde Guri Bohlin, Norway.