Our castle in the air

"Case study II: Our Caste in the Air" premiered on May 25th 2016 at Experimental Scene of the National Theatre in Athens, Greece. This is Influx Artist Collective's second face of the scholarship winning project We: the dramaturgy of the crisis in Athens.

A meeting of the old with the new generation. Open your eyes. A meeting of Ibsen with the Greek reality. Close your eyes.
The Master Builder and John Gabriel Borkman – Ibsen’s confession masterpieces – interviews as well as personal experiences bridge the gap between the generations. Or not.

Direction & dramaturgy: influx
With: Anthi Efstratiadou, Charis Pechlivanidis
Assistant director: Ria Mentilidou
Lighting design: Cecilia Tselepidi

Special thanks to Martha Foka.