Nora’s Cloth

Inspired by passages in the third act of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, the project Nora’s Cloth explores young women from Khartoum, Sudan living at home or in Nordic countries.
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Nora’s Cloth

Using photography, mixed media and video, the aim is to offer a work of art that depicts portraits of women and their voices creating a conversation about their sense of self.

This work looks at the presence or absence of the symbol of hijab or traditional clothing,with the backdrop of Islam, thereby showcasing contemporary Sudanese women’s perspectives as a way of introducing or reintroducing audiences to the feminine. 

«As a young Sudanese muslim woman I have explored my place in society and in the home, much like Ibsen’s Nora. Traveling between the global north and south through out much of my young life has encouraged a self reflexive habit.The representation of mixed heritages, misconceptions and stereotypes of muslim women among the international community have been investigated through the development process of the project.
How we dress ourselves today reflects a multitude of attitudes towards liberation and that freedom is the knowledge of ourselves. Nora’s Cloth is a collection of videos, portraits and silk-screen prints displayed in association with a studio table installation of the artist’s process.» Issraa El-Kogali.

Nora’s Cloth as been exhibited in Stockholm, Sweden in early 2013; Bergen, Norway in the winter of 2013; Jönkoping, Sweden  Januray 2014 and London, U.K in the summer of 2014. It has been featured on radio programs on Canadian Public Radio, BBC Arabic and BBC Radio 4.