Huhu’s UrSound

12. november 2020
UrFear performance by Yasuhiro Morinaga and Nyak Ina Raseuki.
This is an update to:
Multitude of Peer Gynts

Huhu mentioned in his monologue that the UrSound or the primordial sounds of his native environment had long since erased. The collaborative work of the two musicians departs from an effort to reconstruct the lost primal sound. Instead of imagining the primordial sounds of the past, Yasuhiro and Ubiet decided to glean on the primordial from the vibrations of today’s world.

This is a collaborative sound practice between Yasuhiro Morinaga and Ubiet (Nyak Ina Raseuki). The sound works in «Huhu’s UrSound» is to realize the sonic narrative followed by the time scope of Peer Gynt’s diegetic world as well as a spacious soundscape of the non-diegetic world of Peer Gynt. Who is Huhu? Huhu can be anyone or anything in this sound works. So, as you listen to the sound from the beginning to the end, the various sonic characters would allow you to feel the ontology of Huhu itself but you would never recognize who or what Huhu is. The acousmatic voice will let you revolve around the world of Huhu’s point of view.