Aase’s Dreams

11. november 2020
UrFear performance by Micari.
This is an update to:
Multitude of Peer Gynts

Uncovering the world of Aase – Peer Gynt’s mother at the end of her life-, Micari departs from an effort to collect images of Aase’s fractured dreams. This anthology of Aase’s dreams invites us to peek at her seemingly unconnected thoughts and emotions as her end is near. These dreams are witchcraft and bewitching, like spells muttered not by language but scattered imageries.

Concept: Micari

Performer: Micari, Takako Iwata

Music: Nostalgia (Part 1) by Yasuhiro Morinaga and Nyak Ina Raseuki

Video Editor: Yennu Ariendra

Camera: Micari

Translator: Tomomi Yokosuka, Ugoran Prasad