17. mai 2023
World premiere May 18th at Centro Historico Cultural Santa Casa in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
This is an update to:

Design: Camila Bauer and Liane Venturella
Direction: Camila Bauer
Cast: Alexsander Vidaleti, Fabiane Severo, Liane Venturella and Nelson Diniz
Sonography and Sound Operations: Alvaro RosaCosta
Soundtrack by Paola Kirst
Drama: Giuliano Zanchi, from Henrik Ibsen’s play Brand, and the cast’s dramatic collaboration
Choreographic Direction: Charlotte Albuquerque
Set and objects: Elcio Rossini
Video Creation: Elcio Rossini & Maurício Rossini
Lighting and Videography: Ricardo Vivian
Costumes: Daniel the Lion
Masks : Victor Lopez
Guest Teaser Alexsander Vidaleti, Elcio Rossini, Mailson Fantinel and Rafael Bricoli
Guests for the song «Cry of the Monkey»: Simone Rasslan (piano) and Beto Chedid (violin and roach)
Participation in Audio Fair (RO): Anderson Silva and Rinaldo Santos
Graphic Art: Jessica Barbosa
Shot photography: Vilmar Carvalho
Disclosure: Leo Sant’Ana
Social Media : Pedro Bertoldi
General Production: Project Gompa
Financing : Ibsen Scope
Special thanks: Hilde Guri Bohlin, Korina Vasileiadou, Leticia Vieira, Terpsi Sala and Cia IncomodeTe