Excerpt from the opening night

Here you can see a selection of scenes from the play. The video clip shows three sequences from the performance – all of them partly.

The first part is from the Overture, where thebasic statements and positions of Ibsen’s critical theatre and Brecht’s dialectical theatre is explained. The basic question asked is: Why do Ibsen’s critical plays need the form of Brecht’s dialectical theatre, et vice versa, why do Brecht’s learning plays need Ibsen’s thought today?

The second part is an anatomical analyses of true TV interview with the President of the Republic of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic. Actual istorical mementos are used to answer the question: What does the dialectical theatre actually mean?

The third scene is named The Proletarian fashion show. The actors and composer wear  clothes of some authentic persons. Who are they? They are lost in transition! They are truly loosers in the society of political and economic transition from real socialism toward the real capitalism. The destiny of these people awaits many of us and, of course, dr. Stockman and all the members of his family.