Inimigos na Casa de Bonecas

Inimigos na Casa de Bonecas
By GOMPA Project in Porto Alegre/RS

This is an update to:
Enemies in the doll’s house

Proceeding with the research about dramaturgical and scenic creation developed by the GOMPA Project, Enemies in a Dolls’ House is one of the five winners of the International Ibsen Scholarship 2017 award, biannually promoted in Norway in order to encourage performances inspired by Ibsen all around the world.
From an undetermined point in the future, Nora Helmer revisits the decisive moment in which her marriage with Torvald starts falling to pieces. It is also a fundamental moment for her country (not Norway and its crystalline fjords, but Brazil and its recurrent mudslides), submerged in enraged political speeches, oppressions in a variety of levels and hard-to-solve ethical conflicts.
“Enemies in a Dolls’ House” is a play inspired by the works “A Doll’s House” and “An Enemy of the People”, by Henrik Ibsen. The texts of the Norwegian playwright serve as a starting point for the construction of the play, which emphasizes gender issues, corruption and the media omnipresence. The performance unites theater, dance, music and video, to recreate the characters impasses and their unstable splits between daily limitations and social pressures.

About GOMPA Project:
GOMPA Project is a collective of artists that develops dramaturgical and scenic language experimentation and researches possible crossings between theater, dance, music and visual arts, emphasizing in the fusion of different forms of art as narrative outsets. The projects are created in collaboration with artists of all sorts of strains.

Sandra Dani
Janaina Pellizon
Nelson Diniz
Liane Venturella
Lauro Ramalho
Álvaro RosaCosta
Fabiane Severo
Guest Appearance: Pedro Bertoldi

Camila Bauer

Marco Catalão, Camila Bauer, Pedro Bertoldi and cast, based on the works “An enemy of the People” and “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen, translated from Norwegian to Portuguese by Leonardo Pinto Silva.

Dance Coordination
Carlota Albuquerque

Soundtrack and Sound Design
Álvaro RosaCosta

Lightning and Video
Ricardo Vivian

Set Design
Elcio Rossini

Costumes and Make-Up
Liane Venturella

Mask Creation and Manufacture
Fábio Cuelli

Social Media and Memes for the Stage
Laura Hickmann

Press Adviser
Lauro Ramalho

Graphic Design
Jessica Barbosa

Promotion Photos
Adriana Marchiori

Production and Realization
GOMPA Project

Ibsen Awards and Ling Institute

CCCEV-CEEE, Fecomércio SESC, Adolfo Lona, Dado Bier, Editora Moinhos, Casa de Teatro, Máscara em Cena, Cia Incomode-te

Ibsen Awards and Fitesa

Pró-Cultura RS – Todos pelo Rio Grande